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Dear Mr. Leah,

I am officially informing you that I am resigning from the position of Sales Executive from your reputed company effective from 18 November, 2010. I would definitely serve a period of 30 days as clearance period till 18 December.

I am very sad to report my resignation as this company had a wonderful work environment which is literally unparalleled. I gathered a lot of practical experience that would help me in my future. But, I personally felt stagnated in this company and I had not been promoted for almost 5 years now. So I am willing to navigate various other career options at present.

If you would like my assistance regarding filling the position I recently vacated, I would be glad to be of any help. Furthermore, please feel free to ask my support regarding any other essential job that I may complete in the last four weeks. I have attached some official clearance papers with this email.

Thanking you,

R. Wells.

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