When to say goodbye email on last day of work

Sending goodbye emails to co workers and boss on the last day of work, is a respectful way through which one can depart. At times, one might feel guilt, regret or doubt while leaving a job. Therefore, a concise and gracious goodbye email can always support an individual to keep connections with ex-coworkers and help him to leave the organization with pride, without any hesitation.

However, one must know when to say goodbye email on the last day of work as this would serve as a farewell note. Therefore, an individual should adhere to the following points in order to simplify this daunting task.

  • While saying goodbye one should understand who all your recipients are and the level of formality you share. At the foremost, on the last day one can send personalized goodbye emails to the co-workers who were closed. This helps to convey heartfelt gratitude specifically to the closed colleagues. However, if one wish to keep it general for all then a short version of goodbye email could be drafted addressing all the co-workers.
  • Goodbye emails should be sent at the end of the last working day. This would give you a chance to bid farewell to your co-workers by sharing your experiences till the last day in that organization. Thus, all in the organization can recollect the memories with you in due course of time.
  • One can also send a separate goodbye email to his or her boss at the end of the last working day. This can be a statement of appreciation for the opportunities that is being provided to you or thanking them for being bearable. However, the lineation of goodbye emails for boss largely depends on the kind of rapport you share with your superior(s) in the team.

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