Wedding Announcement Email


Dear Brother,

I am overjoyed to inform you that my proposal to my love, Christine has been accepted by her parents with pleasure and contentment. Brother, you know I have a habit of telling you every single thing that happens with me.

Christine was my co-worker at Chelmsford Association. I was in touch with her ever since I joined the service. We have shared many good times together at our work place and during free times. She used to make me feel very special at some surprised incidents. Brother, I respect you more than anyone else even since my childhood. I believe that you will approve me of my decision and will bless us on this propitious occasion.

The wedding date is tentatively on 24th February. Please keep yourself free to join us on the wedding day. Kindly announce the news to all the other batch mates as well.

I and Christine would soon pay a surprise visit to you!


Henry Williams.

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