Volunteer Application Email

A volunteer application email is an email written by a person to apply for volunteership for an event, occasion or a cause. The email is used to specify the reasons why the recipient should choose the sender for the volunteership and must focus on all the other skills which make him/her a good choice to be a volunteer. A sample of one such volunteer application email is given below and can be used by reference by anyone.

Sample volunteer application email:

To: Jackmathews@gmail.com

CC: jessicasimpson@gmail.com

Subject: applying for the volunteership at the opening ceremony of national games

Respected Sir,

I am Peter Andrews and I am writing this mail to apply for the volunteership for the upcoming national games opening ceremony in the city of London. I am a student at London University and am very keen on this volunteer program.

As mentioned in the brochure, volunteers need to spare one month before the date of the event and I would like to tell you that I am free during that period as I would be having my college summer break.  I am a very reliable, active, quick to learn and dedicated individual and am willing to perform multiple duties in this volunteer opportunity. This opportunity would be a great learning experience for me and would add to my resume.

I hope that you will find me suitable for being one of the 100 volunteers. For any other information needed from my side, I can be contacted on 7979900.

Looking forward to your reply,

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Peter Andrews

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