Unsolicited Resume Email

To: hr@gasgarments.com

Sub: Applying for the position of In House Fashion Designer

Respected Mr. Lee,

It gives me immense pleasure to apply in your organization for the position of an in house fashion designer. Although I am aware that your organization is not currently hiring any candidates in this position, I would like to express my genuine interest in being a part of your organization by sending this unsolicited email.

I have currently completed my bachelor’s degree in fashion technology from the reputed fashion school New York Fashion Designing Institute. I have always been an excellent student and appreciated for my innovative designs during my project works. I follow the latest trend and believe in keeping myself updated. I am also aware about the design and kind of products that have demand in the market. I believe that by being a part of your organization I will get to learn a lot. It will help me to improve my designing skills and help me grow as a professional.

I am attaching my resume along with the email where my contact details are mentioned. I would request you to keep me informed in case there is any vacancy in your organization in the position of an in house fashion designer.

Thanking you,

Jane Austen

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