Unsolicited Complaint Email

To: donotdisturb_gov@ukueca.com

Subject: Complaint against Unsolicited Email


This is to bring to your notice that since last one week I am receiving unsolicited commercial emails from marketing company namely Picasso.com, twice or thrice in a day. This company seems to be advertising latest handycam and camcorder, by the virtue of which I am receiving lewd and obscene pictures and restricted messages within their promotional emails.

It is also seems that they are associated with some highly reputed companies selling digital cameras. However, these marketing emails are sent by anonymous sender on behalf of this above-mentioned company due to which there are no fixed email ids that could be reported as spam.

I would be highly obliged if your organization intervene to trace and trap the email network of this company. I can also forward the email ids from which I have received mails till date, if needed for investigation. Moreover, I would be earnestly grateful if I am provided with a solution of blocking this kind of unsolicited emails for future.

I am looking forward for your cooperation and drastic initiative against this kind of malpractices.

Thanking You,

Sarah Jane

31, south crescent road

Edinburgh, EH 12 7SE

Contact Number: 09991238

Category: Complaint Emails

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