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Dear staff,

It is to announce that we would be conducting a training session on the course of the new computer networks that we are uploading in our work system. Starting from coming Wednesday, i.e. 14th March 2012, the session would be held from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and it is compulsory for everyone of the IT department to be present.

As suggested by the management, everyone is requested to join this training programme seriously and utilize the time during the training sessions efficiently. The trainer providing you the information is an experience holder of three years in computer networking and will train you to build a firm hold on the operation of such networks. I assure you that this training would be very helpful to you and to our organisation is near future.

I will appreciate if you gain maximum out of these sessions. You are requested not to take any leaves during this one month of training tenure. For any kind of information regarding the training, contact me on 8928929392.


Jacob Marley

Manager, IT Department

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