Tips for applying for a job via email

To apply for a job, one needs to send an application letter to the recruiter of the recipient organization. Earlier, application letters were sent through post but nowadays, most of the applicants send their applications via the medium of electronic mail or email. Applying for a job via email is a much faster and safer way and ensures a quick reply as well.

But to frame an email which is meant to apply for an important job position in a company or an organization, one needs to keep certain points in mind. If you wish to draft such an email for yourself, then please refer to the following given points and suggestions:

  • The first thing to keep in mind while applying for a job via email is to address it properly. Use the email address of that person to whom the mail is to be sent directly and do not send it to any other person who does not have an influence in the recruitment process.
  • One must write a brief but meaningful subject line in the email. It is important to mention the name of the exact position to which the applicant applying in the subject line.
  • Start the email by writing the opening salutation properly. Use a formal salutation and a formal format of framing the entire letter because such mails need to be very professional in nature.
  • You can divide the body of the mail in three parts or paragraphs. The first paragraph should be used to give your own introduction to the recipient. Mention your name and a brief background detail in the first paragraph.
  • The second paragraph should be used to mention all your skills, qualifications and work experience details.
  • Close the mail by requesting the recruiter to consider your application
  • You should always give your name and contact details at the end of the mail.

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