Thank You Dinner Email


Subject: Thank you for the dinner

Dear Andrew,

I am writing this mail to thank you for the amazing dinner I had at your place last night. I would also like to take the opportunity of telling you it was an honor getting invited to your place for dinner.

I had never expected that the dinner would be such an exciting and fun filled affair.  Three days back I was expecting to spend a quite lonely evening last night at my place till I got a call from you to come over for dinner. I was initially a bit hesitant to join you for dinner but now I feel that I would have regretted if I had cancelled your invitation. I was surprised to lavish spread you had for the dinner and the most important thing is that you have yourself cooked all those dishes. The starters were excellent and well planned. The chicken was the best among the main course. I also enjoyed the spread you had for desert.

I cannot be thankful enough for giving me this honor. I would eager to visit your place again for dinner and have another fun filled evening with you.

Yours Friend,

Lisa Marie Presley

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