Thank You Confirmation Email


Subject: Thank you confirmation mail

Respected Mr. John,

This email is to thank you for delivering the required services needed by our organization. It has been really generous of you to come forward and bail out our organization from the problem in which we were stuck.

Our organization specializes in manufacturing readymade cotton garments. We had got a bulk order from a client that we had to deliver within a certain deadline. We were looking for raw materials supplier for manufacturing garments but none of the suppliers agreed to deliver the amount of raw materials within the specified time. It was your organization that helped us in this situation. I would also like to confirm that we have received from your end one ton of raw materials that we had ordered for. You have been really helpful in providing such a prompt service. We had almost given up and thought that the client would cancel the order when you came forward and saved us.

I would like to thank you again on behalf of the organization from the deepest core of my heart. It was a pleasure availing your services.

Thanking you,

Norman Creed

Manufacturing Department Head

Gas Garments Limited

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