Target Complaint Email

By | April 19, 2012


Subject:  Complaint regarding your staff member

Respected Mr. Potter,

This email is regarding the compliant for the purchase that I had made from your store. I would like to make a complaint regarding the purchase of shampoo from my local Target store located at 45 Glenn Moore Street, New York, New Jersey 3456.

I had gone to purchase a bottle of shampoo on 25th of March 2012. When I went to the shampoo counter I saw one of the customer service executives pouring some shampoo into an empty bottle. When I protested against that, she asked me to mind my own business.  In case I had not seen this I may had ended up buying that same bottle of shampoo.

I would request you to take some action against that staff and check whether other staff is doing something similar. If this is not stopped lots of customers would be cheated.


Jane Ire

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