System Analyst Job Application Email


Subject: System analyst job application email

Respected Mr. Stanley,

I wish to apply for the post of a system application in your reputed company, based on the vacancy posted in the website I consider that my credentials and interests fulfil the criteria that the position requires and thus I wish to apply for this post. I have attached my brief resume with this mail for your consideration.

I am a software engineer from Travis Institute of Technology, New Orleans. I come from 2011 batch and my course work included programming, database management, systems analysis. I also have strong knowledge base on IT application designs, CSS, JavaScript. I have worked on a freelancing project with Sky Technologies where I had worked on a project based on Asp.C. I have also done work on coding and I am familiar with technologies such as Ajax. My experience has helped me develop my research and analytical skills and I think I will prove to be an apt candidate for this position, if I am given an opportunity. I am very hard-working and have keen observation skills. I am very motivated and passionate about my work. I am highly organized and can work in a team flexibly. I am eager to take up initiative and have the ability to adapt with requirements.

I am eager to have an interview with you and for any further details required feel free to contact me at 45876988.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Grace Richards

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