Sympathy Emails

By | August 13, 2012

At the time of grief, sympathy emails play an important role in consoling the grief-stricken individual and translate morale support. These emails can be personalized according to the gravity of the situation and to whom it is being sent. However, the words used should express the heartfelt feelings congenitally yet being sensible. Furthermore, these emails should convey the sender’s concern and supportiveness, even if he cannot stay beside the bereft person physically. In order to draft an effective sympathy email the sender should keep in mind the following important points.

Primarily, the email should be formulated based on three factors i.e the relation the sender share with the intended recipient, the reason of showing sympathy and the seriousness of the situation.

Such emails have to be a complete in composition of heartfelt feelings but it should not be effusive in approach. This is because; a wordy explanation might reduce the effectiveness of the message.

However, the entire message will remain incomplete if the compassion shown is not supported with subvention. This would boost the mental status of the concern individual and also depict the concern of the sender profusely.

Last but not the least, use simple language that is easily understandable by the recipient.

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