Sympathy Email to Family

By | March 3, 2012


Dear Uncle,

My heart goes out for you in this time of sadness and despair when God has taken away from us our dear Mrs. Washington. I feel extremely dreadful and wish to convey to you my sympathy through this letter because I couldn’t be there with you in these tough times. I was filled with shock when I heard about this sad news and couldn’t believe the news as it was difficult to imagine you without Aunty even for a moment.

I hope and pray to God that she rests in peace and that you are doing fine and taking things in a positive stride. I know it is easier said than done but for your good, I wish you maintain composure and bid goodbye to her with grace. Your sorrow cannot be shared or reduced but I do wish to tell you that my sympathies are with you in these times.

Yours lovingly

Jamie Andrews

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