Sympathy email to colleague


Dear Peter,

I am extremely sad to hear the news about your layoff. But in the corporate world it happens. It is now up to you to take this in your stride and use this opportunity to find something that suits your skill set.

I have worked with you for past two years, I know your sincerity and dedication towards your work. So I think the reason is not the lack of your ability and commitment. It should be about the company policies and few harsh decisions which top management takes

Layoff is the part and parcel of today’s competitive corporate world and I am sure with your knowledge and experience you can easily get a job in any company.

Our relationship was more than being just the work colleagues. I am sure even though you will be not working with our company henceforth, there should not be any difference to our relationship. I will be missing you more as my friend than a colleague.

Yours’ lovingly,

Brett Harwood

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