Sympathy Email to Client


Subject: Sympathy email to client

Dear Mr. Ashbert,

It was utterly heartbreaking to learn of the tragic circumstances surrounding your wife, Mrs. Ruth Ashbert’s death, and writing on behalf of Greenberg Industries, I express my sympathy for your great loss. You have been one of our best clients in the past and I have been fortunate to forge such a relationship with you, going beyond the confines of a typical professional understanding, that I had the chance to know the wonderful woman that was your wife on a personal level. I was shocked when I got to know of this very unfortunate incident but it is a time when you must be strong for both the sakes of yourself and your children.

Writing to you, I am reminded of the day when I first visited her art exhibition and how she enthusiastically went on talking about art. She was an exceptionally passionate and driven woman, well-read and well-informed about so many things, and most importantly a loving mother to your children. It’s very sad that she had to die an untimely death but we have to accept it as a God’s decision.

Please let me know if I can be of any help to you. May her soul rest in peace.


Jason Boyd

Greenberg Industries

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