Sympathy Email Response to Friend


Subject: Sympathy email response to friend

Dear Jason,

I am extremely grateful and consider myself lucky to have a friend like you who is being there for me at such troubled times. Your email deeply touched me for more than one reason. We haven’t seen or heard of each other since college ended five years ago and still you didn’t only remember me but you also took out the time to express your feelings four hundred miles away from home. My sister was the closest friend that I had and with her gone, I find myself in a state of deep grief but I also know that in matters of life and death, we can’t but just accept it as God’s wish and try to move on.

Your mail brought back memories of me, my sister and you spending time together at my house, at the mall, at so many different parties – all of that happened so long ago and yet it seems just like yesterday. Her untimely death has left a void that is impossible to fill and you of all people know that, considering how closely you have seen us. She would often talk of you whenever she and I used to discuss about our old friends and old life. She always talked the good about you.

I once again would like to thank you for your support and condolence. Hope to see you soon when you come back to the city.

Yours lovingly,


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