Sympathy Email Response to Client


Subject: Sympathy Email response to client

Dear Mr. Burnham,

I was really touched by your warm gesture in the form of the email that you sent in light of Mr. Beachum’s untimely death. Your sincerity that showed in how you spoke of late Mr. Beachum once again proved that he was successful in reaching out to his clients on a very personal level and that his love and warmth certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Having lost our founder-chairman who was like a father to us, it is true that we are going through a really difficult time now, both emotionally and professionally but with support from clients like you, we hope to get back on our feet again.

Mr. Beachum was always very fond of you and your family, particularly of your two young daughters. He used to say that they reminded him of his grandchildren. He always looked forward to your visits. Where we stand now, if we can accomplish even one-tenth of what he has done for the company, we would feel highly fortunate. Your email meant a lot to us and seeing such love and support from you gave us the strength to accept the truth that he is no more and that only through good work, we can honor the legacy of Mr. Beachum.

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel if you have your friends like you. Thanks a lot for being there in this time of grief.


Ted Beachum

Acting Chief Executive

Beachum Banking

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