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Dear Ricky,

I just got the news of your mother’s demise. I am in a state of shock after hearing this news. I can understand what may be going through you and your family. Your mother was a woman of true substance and was the strongest pillar of your family.

Her guidance has helped me a lot in shaping my life too. Apart from being a good mother and taking care of house hold, she was has also done lots of nice things for several other people too.

I can understand your family is in complete shatters and it is up to you now to get things moving.  I know it is easily said than done, but still you have to do it, so that your mother will be very proud of you in heaven. Since I am out of town, I can’t meet you at this moment so I am sending you this mail as a condolence. May her soul rest in peace!

Yours sincerely,

Shane Wood

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