Sympathy Email for Loss of Bike


Subject: Sympathy email for loss of bike

Dear Charlie,

Uncle Peter informed me about the news of loss of your bike. I was sad to hear about the same and I am sending this email to cheer you up. I know the love and passion that you had for your bike. I could see your obsession when you used to clean your bike yourself early in the morning and used to prevent it from scratch and dents. I understand that loss of anything hurts, but do not feel so sad.

While Uncle Peter was telling me about the loss of bike incident, he told me that he would get you a new bike in two months. Do not feel sad and isolated. Your dad wants you to study well in your forthcoming exams. He promised me that he will get you a brand new bike if you scored above 8.0 GPA. Stay positive in life and imagine that this loss might give you a better branded bike in future.

Now, you too have to promise me that you will not think about the loss of your bike anymore and will concentrate on your studies. Take care and keep smiling.


Jacky Shane

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