Staff Resignation Announcement Email


Subject: Staff Resignation mail

Dear employees,

It is with a deep regret that I am announcing the resignation of Mr. Paul from the staff team of accounting department of our company. He is resigning from his post due to some unavoidable circumstances, effective from 1st September 2012.

Mr. Paul worked dedicatedly with our company for more than 5 years. He joined us in the year 2007 and continued to give his best in his field of work. As a staff member of the accounting team, he was awarded and appreciated by all of his co-workers. His works and efforts to work for extended hours are greatly honoured.  He was a valuable part of our team over the past years and his resignation was inescapable.

On behalf of FLORIDA Company, let us all wish Mr. Paul good luck for his future endeavours and bid him a cheerful farewell on his resignation. Please join us on 13th August for a small farewell party, greeting him with a goodbye. I look forward for your presence at the party so that you give a token of your wishes to our valuable friend, co-workers and the best staff member of our account department.

Thanking you!


Derek Williams

Manager, HR Department

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