Staff Layoff Email


Subject: Staff layoff email

Dear Staff Members

I am feeling very sorry to inform you that in a crucial meeting held by the board of directors of our company it has been decided to close all its running plants and units. I feel very extremely bad to inform you that all the staff of the company will be laid off. You must be aware that our company has being passing through a very turbulent phase for the past one year. The prices of the metal and products that our company produces have become almost half and there is virtually no demand of our indigenous products because of ongoing recession and economic crisis. Imports and dumping of products by other countries in to our domestic markets at very cheap rates have made that very lucrative deal for customers over our products. The company is already running in loss for the past five years and has now applied for bankruptcy. It has now become impossible for the management of the company to pay the worker’s salary.

Hope you will understand the complexity of the situation. We wish you all the best and every success in your life.

Thanking You

Yours’ Sincerely

Philips Zurich

Manager HR

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