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Dear Mr. Woo,

I would like to apologize on behalf of my staff for the unsatisfactory service provided to you at our store. This is in regards to your visit to our store on 15th of December 2010 for the purchase of a leather jacket.

You had visited our store on 15th of December 200 to purchase a black leather jacket. I believe that before leaving you had registered a complaint against one of our staff for providing unsatisfactory service to you as were denied a discount though you had a discount voucher. I would like to inform you that it was the first working day of that specific staff. We have given a warning to him and making sure that he gets adequate training before dealing with customers.

You are our regular customer and we would like to continue our relationship with you. I request you to forgive us as we promise you a better service next time.

Thanking you,

Jack Daniels

General Manager

Regular Store.

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