Sample Thank you email

By | November 15, 2010


Dear Mrs. Nicole Brown,

After retuning back to Charleston from a short trip to Savannah, I was surprised to find the wonderful collection of cookbooks in my post box along with a special note from you. Thank you very much for your care and love. I love cooking new dishes and I am very fond of collecting new recipes. So this gift is of great value to me.

I have always admired your cooking style and I hope that someday I will also be able to be a master chef like you. This is an amazing and a very thoughtful gift. And I would also like to invite you to stop by sometime and try out my dishes. I once again thank you sincerely for thinking so deeply about me and presenting to me such a lovely gift.

Hope that you will come by soon, so that I get an opportunity to thank you personally. I know you love cooking too. So, I am also attaching some of the best crab cooking recipes that I have downloaded from the internet. Hope you will like them.

Yours thankfully


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