Sample Layoff email


Dear Ms. Susan,

This e-mail is regarding the recent decision of Top management due to the current situation of the Eagle Woods Marketing Pvt. Ltd. As you are aware, due to unstable profits and unavoidable circumstances, it is really difficult to handle the staff salaries and office maintenance within a tight budget. Hence, the management has decided to layoff some of the employees depending upon their performance. Kindly find the attached layoff letter to understand the situation more closely.

I am sorry to inform you that you are on the layoff list. As considering your last three- month performance, the management has taken this decision. We are regretting on loosing such an efficient employee like you. Your pending monthly dues along with the salary will be paid to you.

If there is any query regarding the above mentioned issue, please contact the HR department.

We really appreciate your hard work and dedication and we are grateful for your contribution in the growth of our organization.

Thank you,

Jim Harlot

HR Manager

Eagle Woods Marketing Pvt Ltd.

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