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Subject: Requesting For Sales Report Presentation

This circular has been generated in order to make you aware that the Fifth Sales Report of the fiscal year 2011-2012 must be submitted by the 5th of December 2012. The sales report must be tabulated, proofread, corrected and signed by the Executive Head of Sales, the Chief Officer of Sales, and the Sales Representative Head prior its presentation. The report is needed to be presented before the board of Pierson Pvt. Ltd. The concerned officials are requested to prepare the necessary audio-visual and PowerPoint presentations which will complement the sales report. You are also expected to be questioned on the performance of the teams headed by you.

In case of any queries please contact me. The date for the presentation of the sales report remains non-negotiable. I hope you complete it successfully.

Thanking you,

Daniel Culver

Managing Director

Pierson Pvt. Ltd.

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