Sales Motivation Email



Subject: Sales Motivation

Dear Employees

This email has been circulated to you in order to inform that we have crossed the 100,000 mark in the year 2010 as far as the sale of our cars is concerned. We are incredibly proud of your effort and it is only your collective strategies that have taken us to the pinnacle of success in this year. Thus, we hope that you will continue to display this exemplary effort in the coming years as well.

In order to motivate you to further success, we have introduced the scheme of bonus allowances depending on your performance in the fiscal year 2011. We hope that this should act as motivation enough, and that you will be encouraged to out forward your best efforts. Our sales targets for the year 2011 have been attached along with this email for your careful perusal. We hope that the success of 2010 can be replicated.

Thanking You,

Keith Roberts

Sales Head


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