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Subject: Request for Sales Meeting

Dear Members,

This email has been circulated to you to inform you that a sales meeting shall be taking place on the 3rd of July 2012, at 12 noon. This meeting shall be convened by Keith Urban, Sales Head, Bizness. Pvt. Ltd. and it has been called to strategize for the upcoming projects of this year. The sales projections of the last quarter of the year will also be discussed. Also on the agenda is a piecemeal analysis of sales results of the first two quarters of the year.

We request all of you to be present during the meeting, as this meeting shall witness the framing of important guidelines. This meeting will be our third meeting and it will be convened in the AV Room, Dacres Building on the third floor. You are expected to prepare yourself for it and briefings shall also be a part of the sales meeting.

Thanking you,

Diana Robinson

Sales Head

Bizness Pvt. Ltd.

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