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Subject: A Guide to Fantastic Cleaning

Dear Name,

Your mailbox might be flooded with junk sales emails but we are one of those who are here to guide you through a fantastic cleaning process. Do not be surprised, you heard us right. We are here to help you clean your mail box off the junk. No blocking, no sifting, just keep the setting intact and Bingo!

With the ever-increasing e-communication system, it has become imperative to keep your mail box clean. It enables you to segregate the personal from the official. The effective results dilute the cost involved. With a surge in the electronic medium of communication, we have come up with various ways to keep things simpler, cleaner and easier. As you have been picked as one of our first ten prospective clients, we would offer you a discount of 25% on the market price of the product.

It is time to do some cleaning!

Thanks & Regards

Team MailCleaningGuide


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