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Dear Mr. Rodricks,

I am writing this email with regard to the sales interview attended by me on 29th may 2012 for the position of senior sales executive. I have undergone three rounds of interview and was among the 25 candidates that took the interview on that day. I was told that there will be two more rounds of interview subsequently within a week on the basis of the performance in the first three rounds. But it is already past two weeks and I have not received any communication from your company as yet.

I have a positive opinion about your organization and keen to build my career as a senior sales executive in your organization. I believe that starting my senior sales career from your organization will help me grow both personally and professionally. Kindly let me know how much more time it will take for the selection process for the next two rounds of interview. After completing the three rounds of interview and my performance thereof I am confident of being selected for the next two rounds of interview.

I am hoping for a positive reply from your end very soon.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

James D Grugel.

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