Sales Email Template

Client’s Name:

Client’s Title:

Company’s Name:

Company’s Address:


Dear (Name and Title of the client, i.e. Mr., Ms, Miss, etc)

Are you facing any problem (State about the problem and tell in brief how your product/service can help him get rid of the problem). We at (Introduce your company. Don’t forget to highlight the areas where your company holds an upper hand).

We have a wonderful offer (Talk about the offer in brief. Highlight those points which will lure him to buy your product/service. Remember the golden rule: don’t brag at length. Keep it simple and precise. The reader should feel tempted to go for the offer)

If you want to know more about the offer, you may please visit our website (mention the website address)

You may please call us at (give the contact number)

Yours truly,

(Your name, your title, and the Company name along with the website of the company if any)

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