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Subject : Email to make an appointment for sales

Respected Miss. Sally,

This is to bring to your notice that our organization is keen on supplying raw materials to your organization for manufacturing finished products. I would like to fix an appointment in this regards so that I can discuss in details about it.

Our organization Ore Material Limited manufactures raw iron materials that are used for manufacturing finished iron as well as steel products. I am aware that your organization is into the business of manufacturing finished steel products. In order to do so you must be purchasing raw materials from various manufacturers. I would request you to have a look at our products and purchase the raw materials from us. I can assure you that we will provide excellent quality products at the best possible price. I can also assure you that using our product will help you to enhance the quality of your products. It would also be an honor to do business with you.

I would request you to mail me and confirm the appointment date. I would come down with some samples of our products.

Thanking you,

Roger Moore

Marketing and sales manager

Ore Material Limited

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