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By | March 3, 2012



Subject: Reception of Resume

Dear Candidates,

We have received your resume along with your applications for the post of junior secretary in our company. We hereby extend our thanks to you and we hope that the best person suited for this job may get it. We shall keep your resumes with the HR department of our company for future use. In case of new job opportunities in which we may find you suitable, we shall contact you based on the contact numbers provided in the resume.

The results of your application will be declared by the end of March 2012. We shall get in touch with you over email, and inform you of the status of your application. In case your contact numbers of email addresses change in the meantime, you are requested to contact our HR department immediately. We once again thank you for taking an interest in this position.

Yours sincerely,

Janet Rogers

Head, Employee Recruitment

DRL Sons. Pvt. Ltd.

[Off 1]: 375647564

[Off 2]: 463565623

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