Resume email format

Give the e-mail address of the concerned person.

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. (name of the e-mail receiver),

In the first section of e-mail, start writing with the reference (if there is any); do mention the name of the designation and employer organization for which you are applying to convey the right message to the recipient. Try to avoid any writing mistake to evade any kind of miscommunication. Attach the candidature and reference documents and letter of appreciation.

In second paragraph, give an overview of your candidature in order to educate the employer. Do not write much. Mention only effective positive points which are also mentioned in your resume. Try to convince the employer about your suitability to the offered job position.

In third part, request the recipient to contact in case of any further query and document requirement. Provide you contact details as well.

Say thanks to the employer for considering your vital curriculum.

Close the letter with regards.

Name of the e-mail sender

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