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Dear Mr. John,

We are writing from ABC Manufacturing Company Ltd and hereby acknowledge receipt of your resume for the post of Finance Assistant which is currently vacant in our company. Your resume is under scrutiny at our recruitments department where your profile will be reviewed in terms of education, skills and background. If we find your profile suitable to the vacant position that has been advertised then we will contact you on mail. If your profile will not match then we will keep it in our records for any future requirements for other positions. As soon as we have completed the process of reviewing all the resumes that we have received for the said post we will contact you.

As we have received a huge number of resumes it may take a little longer than a week before we start to send mails for interview schedule.  Please complete the form that is attached with this mail to take the process further along with references of two people.

We once again thank you for your interest in working for our company for the advertised position. We do appreciate you in taking time to send in your resume for our consideration.

We wish you best of luck for your job search.

Yours truly,

Edith Cramp.

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