Response to Condolence Email

By | October 24, 2011


Dear Ben,

Subject: Response to your email of condolence on the death of my Mother

I was highly moved after reading your email of condolence. Your support and sympathy means a lot dear friend and I truly know from deep within my heart that you stand by me in these difficult times. Thanks for expressing condolence when it was much needed. Life is hard sometimes but as you said, we must learn to deal with it in a positive manner knowing that everything happens for a reason and may be my mother wanted death as liberation from the painful disease which she was fighting.

I was especially very close to her since the childhood and you have seen how much she loved me. We were kind of prepared for this to happen as doctors had given their verdict that she had a few days left but still the grief was unbearable in the beginning but as days passed we realised that may be this was for the best. Thanks for offering your help but me and my family have taken things pretty well and we surely would have to live without her on our own.

It means a lot that you have also suggested offering financial help, but honestly we are doing fine as of now. Thanks a lot for everything and I wish you visit us sometime and we shall sit and talk. Hope everything is fine at your end.

Thanking you

Hope to see you see

Mathew Hudson

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