Resignation Thank You Emails


Dear M. Stewart,

In this email, I am formally informing you of my imminent resignation with much regret. According to my contractual agreement, I would be serving tenure of 30 days as notice period till 20 December, 2010.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with your company and my beloved colleagues and supervisors. The amount of moral support and help that I received from your company is actually unmatched. Under your supervision, my knowledge and skills have increased manifold. I would definitely apply my experience and lessons in various aspects of further in my career.

But I am really sorry to leave such a co-operative work environment as I am currently re-evaluating my career options and wish to pursue higher studies.

If you wish to discuss my last four weeks or if I can be of any assistance then please inform me. If you require my assistance to fill in the position recently vacated by me, then I would be more than happy to help.

Thanking you,

Robert Max.

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