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Resignation emails, quite obviously, are the mails sent by a person willing to resign from a certain post of a company or any organization. This is the 21st century where companies and corporate sectors are being built and expanded almost every week. The induction processes of these profit-making organizations are met with equal number of resignations. Often employees have the will to opt for jobs with higher salaries and better work-environment but panic at the very thought of bringing the fact to the notice of the present employer and other colleagues. They fear losing the personal bonding they had beyond professional relations. In this electronic age, this job is no more complicated. One can easily frame resignation emails that are professional yet not too rude on the reader.

The cause of resignation may differ from person to person but the basic framework of resignation emails is almost similar. There are a certain points that need to be followed in order to frame proper resignation emails, such as:

  • Resignation emails should necessarily be addressed to the particular person or department representative of the company or any other organization.
  • The content should be short but should clearly speak of resignation. The presentation should be professional but should also express your gratitude towards the organization for providing the job opportunity.
  • The choice of words should be carefully done while writing resignation emails, to make sure the authority is not being thrashed with ungenerous words.
  • Resignation emails should contain contact numbers and email address of the person resigning from the job. The person should also state in kind corporate terms that he/ she will always be available for any help.

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