Resignation Announcement Email to Colleagues


Subject: Resignation announcement email to colleagues

Dear colleagues,

I am writing this email to announce my resignation from Fortune Enterprises Limited. This is to inform you all that I am resigning from the job post of a financial analyst, effective from 15th May 2014. This email is intended to express my sincerest gratitude towards all of your for all your help and support throughout my employment tenure at Fortune Enterprises Limited.

With my resignation announcement, I would like to begin by thanking my financial manager, Mr. Bob Charles for presenting me with an opportunity to work at such an esteemed company. I have been able to contribute and work significantly in the financial department for the period of 10 years with the esteemed guidance, support and motivation of my dearest colleagues and staff members. I am really going to miss the working environment that was provided here and the gossip hours that we used to enjoy together.

Upon my resignation, I look forward to stay in touch with you all. I wish Fortune Enterprises Limited and all the employees linked to it, all the best for their future endeavours.

Best regards and good luck wishes.


Jacob Martin

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