Resignation Announcement Email From Boss


Subject: Resignation announcement email

Dear all,

Through this email, I would like to announce my resignation from the post of CEO of The Royal’s Enterprises. I would be resigning from my duties, set of responsibilities and services, effective from 25th June 2013. I have taken this decision to resign from my 6 years of service due to some personal reasons.

As the CEO of The Royal’s Enterprises Limited, I have had a great experience working with you all. My resignation surely fills me with disappointment, but before I leave, I would like to thank each one of you for your trust, honour and respect in me. I have always appreciated each member working under me for their dedication, sincerity and loyalty. These 6 years of experience has provided me rich experience of leadership, managerial abilities, decisive approach and directive skills. It was because of you all that I managed to lift the company at this standard and was able to get good projects.

On my resignation, I wish you all the best for your employment here. Keep up the spirit and continue to work with excellence towards the growth of the organisation.



Patterson Andrew


The Royal’s Enterprises 

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