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Dear All,

Today on my farewell day, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support  and encouragement during my working tenure at PWC.  Working with you as a team was  nothing less than a dream experience of my career. Your constant support and guidance has helped to achieve the position at where I am today.

I know PWC is an amazing company to work with but  as you all know that my mother does not keep well and I need to take of her thus I am moving to California, and the company does not have any branch there where I could have been transferred. I tried calling my mother here but she does not wish to leave her hometown.

Once my mother becomes healthy, I will surely try to come back to PWC and to my favourite team.  I do not know how do other people sum up their years of experience in few lines in their farewell letter as it is becoming very difficult for me. Today as I am leaving this organisation, I am falling short of words too thank you all for being more of a friend then of colleagues.  I feel myself to be lucky for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

My new address in California is: 76/87, Square Street, Bay Lane and you can reach me at my personal cell number: 8988-7665-444 and mail id:

Wishing you all good luck for your future and career,

Yours truly,

Stephen Cruise.

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