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Dear Harry,

As you are aware of the fact that I have resigned from the post of Senior Marketing Manager from XYZ Limited, and tomorrow is my last working day, I wish to bid farewell to you.  Before leaving the organisation I wanted to let you know that working with you in a team was an amazing experience and I will never forget it.

I believe myself lucky to learn so much from you during my work tenure. Your ideas and experiences will surely help me to grow in my career no matter wherever I may go and for this I am very thankful to you.

I also want to make special mention about the project of Bright Limited which would not have come out so well without your efforts and support. You made such prompt and accurate decisions on time which helped us come out with flying colours.

Moreover your jovial nature made the atmosphere at the work lively and enjoyable which further helped in all the projects to be completed fast and with accuracy. Though I will miss working with you, but this step will give a new path to my career and its growth.

Since I will be staying in a new company’s guest house initially I do not have any address which I can provide to you, but as soon as I will get one, I will mail you. In the mean time, we can stay in touch at my personal cell no: 008-655-77655 and my email id:

Wishing you success in all your future endeavours.

Goodbye and Good luck,

Tom Cruise

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