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Respected Mr. Showery

Subject: complaint against PayPal service inability to pay for my online transactions for the past 2 days.

Sir, I Jack Andrews would like to report a complaint against the PayPal service based on a personal encounter with a problem. I would like you to take necessary steps to resolve my problem on an immediate basis. My complaint has to do with an online shopping venture I indulged in after which I couldn’t make my payments using my PayPal account.

This issue happened on 4th June 2011 when I was online on a site called ‘Fashion and You’. I had added to my cart two products and when I reached the paying part, I couldn’t buy the products due to an internal error in the PayPal service. I tried several times to refresh the page but no changes were there. Infact I also tried contacting your customer service providers but they were not able to resolve my problem and put me on hold for more than 30 mins.

I hope that my problem is solved efficiently and wouldn’t repeat in the future as I have been a PayPal fan ever since I got to know about it and also suggested it to a lot of my friends and colleagues. I would like you to have my account checked as I have a big sum in the account and I haven’t been able to use it for the last two days. I shall be obliged if you help to resolve my problem.


Jack Andrews

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