Out of Office Email

Ms. Angelina Jhonson

Assistant- Marketing Department

Dear Ms. Jhonson,

This mail is for your information that I will be out of office till Monday, April 26th, 2010 regarding seminar with foreign delegates. As I discussed with you yesterday, that this seminar cum symposium means a lot to Bright metal Pvt. Ltd, as this organization is growing.

During my meeting, I need some of the important and updated official documents along with the business agreement, so try to prepare them as soon as possible and be on time. Before mailing me all such documents, make sure all important terms and conditions should be mentioned in there with zero error. But keep in mind, these papers are secret, do not lose a single bit of information.

In my absence, if anything is there to enquire about anything urgent, you can contact me on my official mail id and call me at 7893 567 9021

You can keep it as confirmation and records. Thanks for understanding.

With Regards,

Ronni Prera

Manager- Marketing Department

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