Official Email Writing

Client id:

Subject: Pitching for a new project

Dear (client’s name)

First Paragraph: We are delighted to proclaim that (furnish the prospective client with your achievement in your filed of work that is relevant to the business proposition you want to make to the client). Our company (Give the name here and the businesses that you cater to. Make sure that you mention the most important section of your business directly related to that of the prospective clients’. Also provide with an overview of the various other services that you provide which can benefit them in multiple ways.)

Second Paragraph: As we analyzed the performance of your company (now hit where the iron is hot. Show that you have performed some background check and analysis of their business before you put forward the proposal). Our understanding of your projects can help you to get success. (Give them the prospect and your USPs in the field of work)

Third Paragraph: Mention your website for reference and other contacts.

Thanks & regards

Mr. Paul Matthews

Sr. Business Development

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  1. rajkumar says:

    Gre8t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice

  2. safar ali says:

    dear all
    i have problem with writing officail email , plz if it’s possible plz guid me.

  3. shawnfrankk says:

    cool!!!! The most easy & nice way of explaining things.

  4. pradeep says:

    I like it………………… NICE !

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