Official Email Format

Name of the Client:

Title of the Client:

Address of Client or Company:


Dear (Name of the Client)

First Paragraph: I am very happy to inform (speak about the announcement and clearly mention the arena to which it pertains). We at (In short introduce your organization. Don’t give exhaustive narrations. Try to highlight those areas where you have an upper hand compared to others).

Second Paragraph: Grab this offer before we go out of stock (Furnish the details to the buyers. Tell them how lucrative the offer is and why they should not give it a miss. And this you can ensure keeping the details short. It’s this content which can ensure you have the last laugh).

If you want to more about the offer, you may please visit our website. (Give the name of the website)

Third Paragraph: We are always there at your service to provide help. (Give the telephone number and the email address).

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  1. I am requiered officially mail format

  2. Deepanker says:

    1st of all i wanna to appreciate your work .you and your team realy do a great work.

    This is my 1st job before that i never write any official letter or mail. These type of sample will give us lots of help in the time of treble . I want more sample on all the topic who help me to survive in my job…..

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