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Subject: Handover of ABC Project

Dear Mr. Oliver,

This is for your information that I would be discontinuing my services in this organization dated 5th April 2010. I am mailing to let you know that the project ABC is 70% complete and requires some more effort on our behalf in the next one month to wrap it up. As I am on my last week of notice period, I would like to hand over the project details to you so that you can take it forward from this juncture.

I have sent the required emails to the client informing them of the change in point of contact. Starting 2nd April 2010 they would be communicating directly with you. Hence I am sending the required files attached with the mail.

Please get back to me in case you require any clarification regarding the project.

Thanks & Regards,

Keith Carter

Project Manager

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  1. hamid safi says:

    this is a good emails for every one

  2. i need it for my company

  3. Parul Batra says:

    Was really Helpful.

  4. PINTU says:

    I need same mail format.

  5. GOPAL KUMAR JHA says:

    pls give me all type of mail example

  6. Farhad Daliran says:

    It is one of the most useful official letters.
    Thanks a lot

  7. mona says:

    Great. Help!

  8. Chandru says:

    I need more samples mail, Could you please help me out.

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