Office Recall Email



Subject: Office Recall Notice

Dear Miss Daniels,

We regretfully have to intimate that you have been recalled from our office in Rome, where you had been sent for a period of two years on an internship, due to complaints about you from the management in our Alta Moda office. You have failed to establish a rapport and a suitable working relationship with the staff there due to various circumstances, and hence, it has become imperative for us to recall you to our head quarters in San Francisco where official proceedings shall be initiated against you.

The offences which you have been accused of committing are serious in nature and we take a strong exception to them. You might face the risk of losing your job in case you found to be guilty. However, in view of the long and successful professional relationship that you have shared with this establishment, we deem it fit to recall you for the time being.

Thanking you,

Jason Herbert

Managing Director

Jensen and Nicholson Pvt. Ltd.

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