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With best wishes

To: Jessica _Project

Cc: Rodger_ Team Leader

Dear Sir,

I am unable to resume at work after my five days vacation as I am suddenly diagnosed with Dengue fever. Doctor suggested me to join a hospital immediately for at least a week so that I could be under careful observation and thorough checkups could be made. I am attaching the doctor certificate along with this mail for your reference. I am really sorry for informing you lately.

I would be highly obliged if you can kindly grand me sick leave for two weeks.  I would ensure that all the pending works will get completed on time after I will join back so that the company does not face any kind of loss due to me. I will resume to work after two weeks. In this regard, I expect a bit of cooperation from your side.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Zenthine Ray

Assistant Software Engineer

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