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Dear Marry

I am forwarding you an amazing humorous email which was sent to us by our dearest colleague three days ago as you were absent that day. One year ago a couple decided to go out for vacations after working continuously for number on months. Somehow, wife had some urgent work and she suggested her husband to go to booked hotel and she will reach there after 2 days.  Meanwhile, there was a widow who had just returned from her husband’s funeral.

Husband reached their and saw a computer in his room. He decided to drop a mail to his wife regarding his safe arrival. There was one more email address and he forgotten to delete the same and mail delivered to widow lady like this; Dear Loving wife. I have arrived here safely and you will be surprised to know that there are good rooms to stay with computers. I have checked that everything is ready for your tomorrow’s arrival. Hoping to see you soon here. I know your journey must be full of fun.

I hope you enjoyed this full of humour email.

With Regards,

Tina Robinson

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